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Resources for Geosc faculty and staff

Resources for Geosc faculty and staff

Employee Travel
Completed for all Employee Travel and return to Tiffany Mayhew, 502 Deike.

Domestic Travel Request Form

International Travel Request Form

  • Please note: because international travel requests require VP approval, the process takes additional time.  Also note, an itinerary is required when submitting the international request form.

Group Meals
Complete and return to Tiffany Mayhew, 502 Deike. 

Non Employee Travel
Must be completed for travel reimbursement by non-employees.  Return to Tiffany Mayhew, 502 Deike.

Department Policies
Department Key Policies
Department Key Policies Form is new and needs to be signed and turned in along with the Key Issuance form to 503 Deike in order to receive any keys.

Key Issuance Form   
Bring completed, signed forms to 503.  Must have faculty's approval for lab keys (faculty signature on form giving permission to student/PostDoc).  Keys will be ready to be picked up the following day after 8:30 a.m.

Purchasing Card Support Form
Mission Critical Purchase Requests
Wage Offer Letter  
Visitor Information Sheet

Governance Procedures, Policies, and General Procedures


Department Committee Member List

Geosciences Department Operations Overview

Sabbatical Leave Guidelines

HR-17, Sabbatical Leave, is the University policy that governs sabbatical leaves of absence with pay.  Forms for leave requests are available on GURU at 

Please note that individuals who are granted sabbatical leaves are required to return for a full contract year of service following the sabbatical leave.  Any person who does not return, or does not remain for the full contract year following the sabbatical leave, will be required to refund the salary received from the University during the sabbatical leave.  We have received questions regarding enforcement of this requirement.  Please note that we do not waive this requirement.  In addition, all faculty are required to submit a report to the Provost, via the department head and the dean, within two months of their return from leave.

According to HR-17, “A sabbatical is a privilege which may be granted to an individual who has demonstrated by publication, teaching, exhibition or performance an above average ability in scholarship, research, or other creative accomplishment.”  Proposals for the study of pedagogical topics or for intensive pedagogical development are eligible and indeed, encouraged.

Attached is a copy of the sabbatical leave guidelines that were developed to assist faculty members in the preparation of their proposals and may also be found at

State Mandated Collection System Log In Instructions

Click here for instructions to complete Faculty Hours form

EMS Faculty Performance Evaluation

UPC and GPC Terms

Promotion and Tenure General Information
General Information and guidelines for dossier preparation for promotion and tenure in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

P&T Committee Selection Criteria Statement

Statement of Criteria for P&T

Dossier Preparation - Getting Started
Overview of P&T dossier preparation.

  • Sample EMS Dossier

Commonly Asked Questions about Dossier Contents


Software and Software-as-a-Service (Saas) – New Software Request Form

In order to standardize the process for fulfillment of software or software-as-a-service (SaaS) agreements that are routed to Purchasing or Risk Management, users can now utilize a single, consolidated questionnaire to gather relevant information about the use of the software or SaaS by the requestor. The information gathered in the questionnaire is very important in the review of the license terms. If you were responsible for completing the Risk Management Electronic Agreement Cover Sheet or Purchasing’s Software Agreement Cover Sheet, you will now instead complete the new online Software Request Form ( After you complete the survey, further instructions will be provided on how to process the request based on information submitted in the new Software Request Form.

Please refer to the following websites for additional information:
Risk Management:

If you require additional assistance, please contact