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Climate Risk Management

Anthropogenic climate changes pose serious risks.

How big are these risks? What are scientifically sound, economically viable, and ethically defendable strategies to manage them?

Analysing these questions requires fundamental advances in the involved disciplines (e.g., Geosciences, Geography, Economics, Engineering, Meteorology, Statistics, or Philosophy) as well as a tight integration across these disciplines.

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A major research focus of astrobiology is enabling the recognition of signatures of life on the early Earth, in extreme environments, and in extraterrestrial settings.

Astrobiology Research
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Summer Field Geology Program in Italy

Through the Penn State Office of International Programs, we offer a 6-week, 6 credit field geology program in Italy. This program includes two courses that can be used to fulfill degree requirements in Geoscience, Geobiology, and Earth Science.


Information Session

Monday, October 7, 2013 at 6:30 pm
Location: 341 Deike


Wednesday, October 9
Location: 343 Deike

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The Field Camp Experience

Field Camp ExperienceField camp is a fundamental part of our undergraduate curriculum. Observing and recording data in the field is the underpinning of all geologic endeavors, and forms the basis for economic, social, political, and scientific decisions that utilize maps and cartographic information.