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The front entrance and bell tower at Old Main, Penn State's central administration building.

We believe that our department is an exciting, dynamic and positive place for inquiry and intellectual growth. This extends from our research and graduate education to our commitment to excellence in undergraduate education. Come for a visit and find out for yourself what makes us different!


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Our flexible degree programs provide excellent opportunities for graduate students in a wide array of scientifically exciting and socially relevant fields. From coursework to field experience to research, our M.S. and Ph.D. programs will challenge you and your peers to learn, grow, and excel.


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Graduate students and faculty from Geosciences on a class field experience.

Penn State's Department of Geosciences is consistently ranked near the top of graduate school rankings and attracts talented students from around the world. Join one of our prestigious research programs , and you'll be following a line of successful academic and industry scientists that dates back to 1913.

Latest News

Tiny shelled creatures shed light on extinction and recovery


An asteroid strike may not only account for the demise of ocean and land life 65 million years ago, but the fireball's path and the resulting dust, darkness and toxic metal contamination may explain the geographic unevenness of extinctions and recovery, according to Penn State geoscientists.

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Latest News

Annual program helps elementary students dig into geosciences


As part of the annual outreach program, "Shake, Rattle & Rocks," department faculty and graduate students designed and presented seven interactive sessions to help introduce fifth graders to basic natural science concepts from microbes to plate tectonics. Nearly 600 State College Area School District students participated in the program's sessions. Learn more at

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