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Former Field Camp participants gather at an alumni reunion.

Welcome alumni! This page is designed to keep you posted with events in the department but also to allow you to communicate with each other and find lost friends.

Alumni Field Camp

Clark's Fork Canyon,  Wyoming

Clark's Fork Canyon,  Wyoming. Credit: Phil Norbeck

Penn State Field Geology has been and continues to be a capstone experience that integrates previously-studied subdisciplines of the geosciences and facilitates visualization of geologic history from outcrops in the canyons, mountains, and plains of the American West. For 2006, the camp was shifted to the environs of Coldigioco in the Apennines of Italy. The course is built around a series of intensive mapping projects that require solution of geologic puzzles with all the tools and concepts at the student's command.

But field camp is also fun in other ways. A group of people have to live, work, and play together through wind, rain, sun, cold, vehicle breakdowns, deadlines, dirty laundry, and everything else that goes with a journey that lasts many weeks and involves different living venues. Ultimately they find joy in their shared trials and triumphs. Walter Ebaugh (1971 field camp) has summed it up: "It was surely the best. I learned almost everything I know about geology that summer."

If you remember field camp that way, these webpages are designed to let you reminisce but also to reconnect with your past alumni friends.  If you would like to contribute to any Field Camp pages please contact us

In addition to those named on individual pages, general thanks to Barry Voight, Derrill Kerrick, Rudy Slingerland, Kevin (Doc) Hoover and, especially, Duff Gold for photographs and materials.


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Misc pictures



Fanshawe Lodge, YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana

Fanshawe Lodge, YBRA, Red Lodge, Montana