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Antonia Hadjimichael

Antonia Hadjimichael

Office Address: 
212 Deike Building
Assistant Professor
Department of Geosciences
Research Interests: 
  • Water resources planning
  • Decision making under uncertainty
  • Multisector dynamics
  • Climate impacts and resilience

I am an interdisciplinary scientist with interests ranging from water resources planning to human-environment interactions more broadly, and I am specifically interested in the role of uncertainty in these domains. My toolkit includes many-objective evolutionary optimization, machine learning, visual analytics and high performance computing.

Current research questions I am working on include:

How is climate and other stressors affecting water supply and allocation?
My work in this area focuses on the advancement and application of exploratory approaches to resilience assessment for water resources systems. Through the use of modeling, sensitivity analysis and data analytics, my research explores large ensembles of plausible futures for a system to better understand how stressors affect water resources and their users.

How are human systems interacting with each other and with environmental systems across scales?
Water resources are tightly coupled with Earth systems, energy, food production, and human well-being. Dynamic interactions and feedbacks between these systems can compound shocks and jeopardize their resilience, with a failure in one propagating in another. My work develops analytical frameworks that allow as to untangle these relationships and inform the management of risks across systems and scales.