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photo of jesse reimink

Jesse Reimink

Office Address: 
411 Deike Building
Assistant Professor
Department of Geosciences
PDF icon Curriculum Vitae (238.83 KB)
Research Interests: 
  • Broad aspects of igneous and metamorphic petrology
  • Hadean crust formation mechanism
  • Archean geodynamics and continental growth
  • Granite petrogenesis
  • Data reduction strategies
  • Mass spectrometry development
  • Petrology and isotope geochemistry
Ph.D., University of Alberta, 2015

I am interested in broad aspects of igneous petrology, the earliest history of our planet, and how these processes relate to other Earth systems.  Below are examples of research directions that I am currently pursuing. 

​The main thrust of my research has been, and will continue to be using integrated petrology, isotope geochemistry, and new mass spectrometry techniques to answer fundamental questions about when and how the continental crust formed, with emphasis on the early Earth.

​Ultimately, I am interested in developing projects and collaborations in the areas listed below as well as any other areas.  If you have questions, comments, or other ideas please get in touch!

1) Understanding the formation and uplift of ancient continents using the rock and mineral record, with a focus on the Meso-NeoArchean transition (~2.8 Ga)

2) Developing a novel type of mass spectrometer for high precision isotopic analyses of terrestrial and extraterrestrial samples

3) Enhancing the petrologic interpretations of the zircon record and developing new techniques for utilizing zircon trace-element and isotopic datasets.  These projects are focused on developing novel approaches, both analytically and statistically, to elucidate magmatic processes throughout Earth history

4)  Development of new geochronological tools for understanding fluid flow in sedimentary basins. 


* denotes student, +denotes co-first authors listed alphabetically 

15. Reimink, J.R., Carlson, R.W., Mock, T. A cavity ion source for high-precision isotope-ratio analyses in the geosciences.  Submitted to Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, accepted 

14. Reimink, J.R., Mundl-Pietermeier, A., Carlson, R.W., Shirey, S.B., Pearson, D.G., Walker, R.J., Tungsten isotope composition of the Archean depleted mantle and implications for core-mantle evolution, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, in press 

13. +Bauer, A.M., +Reimink, J.R., Chacko, T., Foley, B.J., Shirey, S.B., Pearson, D.G., Zircon evidence for the progressive onset of mobile-lid tectonics, Geochemical Perspectives Letters (2020) 14, 1-6 

12. Reimink, J.R., Davies, J.H.F.L., Bauer, A.M., Chacko, T., A comparison between zircon from the Acasta Gneiss Complex and the Jack Hills region, Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2019) 531, 115975 

11. Carlson, R.W., Garçon, M., O’Neil, J., Reimink, J.R., and Rizo, H., The Nature of Earth’s First Crust. Chemical Geology (2019) 530, 119321. 

10. Reimink, J.R., Pearson, D.G., Shirey, S.B., Carlson, R.W., Ketchum, J.F.W., Onset of new, progressive crustal growth in the central Slave craton at 3.5 Ga. Geochemical Perspectives Letters (2019) 10, 8-13.   

9. Davies, J.H.F.L., Sheldrake, T., Reimink, J.R., Wotzlaw, J.F., Möck, C., Finlay, A.J., Isochrons revisited: a new mixture model approach.  Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geosystems. (2018) 19, 4025-4047 

8. Reimink, J.R., Bauer, A.M., Chacko, T., Invited Review: Chapter 15: The Acasta Gneiss Complex, in Earth’s Oldest Rocks, Vol. 2, eds. V Bennett, M. Van Kranendonk, and J.E. Hofmann. Springer, (2018). 

7. Mundl, A., Walker, R.J., Reimink, J.R., Rudnick, R.L., Gaschnig, R.M., Temporal evolution of 182W in the Upper Continental Crust. Chemical Geology (2018) 494, 144-152 

6. Reimink, J.R., Chacko, T., Carlson, R.W., Shirey, S.B., Liu, J., Stern, R.A., Bauer, A.M., Pearson, D.G., Heaman, L.M., Petrogenesis and tectonics of the Acasta Gneiss Complex derived from integrated petrology and 142Nd and 182W extinct nuclide-geochemistry. Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2018) 494, 12–22, 

5. Reimink, J.R., Davies, J.H.F.L., Chacko, T., Stern, R.A., Heaman, L.M., Pearson, D.G., Sarkar, C., Schaltegger, U., Creaser, R.A.  No evidence for Hadean continents within Earth’s oldest known zircon-bearing rock unit. Nature Geoscience (2016) 9, 777–780, doi:10.1038/ngeo2786 

4. Reimink, J.R., Chacko, T., Stern, R.A., Heaman, L.M. The birth of a cratonic nucleus: lithogeochemical evolution of the 4.02–2.94 Ga Acasta Gneiss Complex. Precambrian Research (2016) 281, 453–472, doi:10.1016/j.precamres.2016.06.007  

3. Reimink, J.R., Davies, J.H.F.L., Waldron, J.W.F., Rojas, X.D. Dealing with discordance: a novel approach for analyzing detrital zircon U-Pb datasets. Journal of the Geological Society (2016) 17, 577–585, 

2. Reimink, J. R., Chacko, T., Stern, R. A. & Heaman, L. M. Earth's earliest evolved crust generated in an Iceland-like setting. Nature Geoscience (2014) 7, 529–533, doi:10.1038/ngeo2170 

1. Hansen, E; Reimink, JR; Harlov, D. Titaniferous accessory minerals in very low-grade  metamorphic rocks, Keweenaw Peninsula Michigan, USA.  Lithos (2010) 116, 167–174, 

Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellowship                                                               2015 

Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution for Science Papers 
Journal of the Geological Society, Young Author of the Year Award         2016 

Canadian National Awards:  
  • Foundation Scholarship, Mineralogical Association of Canada (PhD)      2014 ($5000)  
  • Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award, Geological Association of Canada and Prospector’s & Developer’s Association of Canada      2015 ($5000)  
University of Alberta: 
  • Faculty of Science Dean’s Excellence Award                                           2015 ($9000) 
  • Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Student Travel Award                              2015 ($1300) 
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award                                                   2014      
  • Evelyn Wigham PhD Scholarship in Geology                                          2014 ($1800) 
  • GL Cumming Memorial Graduate Scholarship                                      2014 ($2500) 
  • Christopher Scarfe Memorial Graduate Scholarship                            2012 ($1700) 
Hope College: 
  • Otto Vander Velde All-Campus Award                                                     2009 
  • Presidential Scholarship                                                                            2005-2009 ($14000/yr) 
  • Reinking Memorial Scholarship                                                                2008-2009 ($2170) 
  • MI Byrd Honors Scholarship                                                                     2005-2007 ($1500/yr) 
  • NCAA Division III First Team All-American, Men’s Basketball              2009 
  • Michael Visser Memorial Book Award – GES Department                   2008 
  • Faculty Book Award – GES Department                                                  2007 
  • Ancient Mystic Order of the Trilobite Award – GES Department        2006 
  • Student talk award – Northwest Territories Geoscience Forum         2014 ($1000) 
  • Science Award – Hudsonville High School                                              2005 

Originally from the great state of Michigan, I am currently an Assistant Professor at The Pennsylvania State University.  Before starting at Penn State, I obtained my PhD from the University of Alberta and spent several years as a postdoc at the Carnegie Institution for Science in the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism.