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Roman DiBiase

Office Address: 
306 Deike Building
Associate Professor
Department of Geosciences

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Research Interests: 
  • Tectonic geomorphology
  • Earth surface processes
  • Landscape evolution
Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2011
  • Post-wildfire erosion in southern California
  • Soil production and the transition between soil-mantled and bare-bedrock landscapes
  • River incision and feedbacks between tectonics, rock strength, and topography in Taiwan

Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory Publications:
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My research focuses on quantifying the mechanisms of erosion and sediment transport responsible for shaping Earth’s surface and applying this insight to problems ranging from post-wildfire erosion to landscape evolution. I am motivated by the challenge to develop surface process models that satisfy both modern observations and longer-term geologic constraints. Such a mechanistic approach is necessary to better predict landscape response to changing climate and land use conditions, mitigate natural hazards, and understand the dynamic interactions between surface and deep Earth processes. We investigate these problems using fieldwork, topographic and photogrammetric analysis, cosmogenic radionuclides, and modeling.