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Sue Brantley

Susan Brantley

Office Address: 
2217 EES Building
Barnes Professor of Geosciences
Department of Geosciences
Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
Research Interests: 
  • Aqueous Geochemistry
  • Geochemical Kinetics
  • Microbial Biogeochemistry
Ph.D., Princeton, 1987

My research focuses on natural and human-induced reactions among water, rock, gas, biota, and soil. I have long been interested in the rates and mechanisms of water-rock reactions in the field and in the laboratory, including how we measure them, reproduce them in the laboratory, and model them.

Research Interests and Current research projects include: 

  • Critical zone science 
  • Weathering, erosion, and soil formation 
  • Water quality issues associated with agriculture and hydraulic fracturing

As an aqueous geochemist at Penn State, my title is Distinguished Professor of Geosciences. I am also the Director of the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute and the Laboratory for Isotopes and Metals in the Environment. I investigate chemical, geological, biological, physical, and anthropogenic processes associated with the circulation of aqueous fluids in shallow hydrogeologic settings, with a particular focus on inter-relationships within the critical zone. I have a Ph.D. in geological and geophysical sciences from Princeton University.