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Graduate Evaluation Rubric

Rubric for Evaluating Applications for Fellowships Scholarships and Awards


Proposals will be ranked according to three criteria:

1. Quality and scholarship of the proposed activity,

2. Need, and

3. Commitment to excellence as indicated by quality of the document and submission.



Graduate Evaluation Rubric
  Highly Ranked Standard Proposal Less Competitive
Quality and scholarship of the proposed activity Well-defined request. Science is clearly described and importance of science is conveyed. Proposed work has conceptualized goals. Focus/thesis evident, goals largely clear. The request is for travel and only a modest attempt is made to highlight the importance of the science. Goals of science uncertain, ideas confused.
Need/Hardship Neither advisor nor student have funds for the proposed work/travel. Financial position of the advisor with respect to this project is explained. Limited funds already exist for this proposal. No details are given about financial position of the advisor with respect to this project. Sufficient funds exist for this proposal.
Commitment to excellence Application is well written. All information is included in one pdf file that is named appropriately. Writing is clear, but document contains typos and/or spelling mistakes. Multiple files are submitted and/or file is not named according to instructions. Writing is unclear, unfocused, or disorganized. Text is sloppily written, or errors may interfere with idea delivery. Form needs to be returned to student for clarification