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Ancient rain gauge: New evidence links groundwater, climate changes in deep time


Matthew Carroll November 12, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Changes in groundwater millions of years ago created alternating layers of vivid yellow and brown in the mineral sphalerite, and those... read more

Penn State geoscientist contributes expertise to new Smithsonian exhibit


  Gabrielle Stewart October 24, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- When Erin DiMaggio was an undergraduate student, she had a summer internship with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History... read more

Lattman Lecture to focus on ways improve our social and political discourse


  UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Alex McKiernan will give the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences’ 2019 Lattman Visiting Scholar of Science and Society Lecture. His talk, titled “Truth, Trust,... read more

New research details first days after asteroid strike that killed off dinosaurs


September 19, 2019Matt Carroll UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A giant, speeding asteroid crashed into a shallow sea 66 million years ago and plunged Earth into a mass extinction that claimed 75 percent... read more

Researchers unearth cost-effective method for finding shale gas


David Kubarek September 03, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A new method for exploring natural gas in the Marcellus Shale, developed by Penn State researchers, shows potential high yield areas can... read more