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Forest soils release more carbon dioxide than expected in rainy season


  Francisco Tutella February 12, 2020 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Current carbon cycle models may underestimate the amount of carbon dioxide released from the soil during rainy seasons in temperate... read more

Earthquake Prediction with Chris Marone

2/13/2020  read more

Sediment loading key to predicting post-wildfire debris flows


Francisco Tutella February 05, 2020 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – The mudslides that follow wildfires in Southern California can be deadly and difficult topredict. New research can help officials... read more

Meteorites reveal high carbon dioxide levels on early Earth


Matthew Carroll January 29, 2020 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Tiny meteorites no larger than grains of sand hold new clues about the atmosphere on ancient Earth, according to scientists. Iron... read more

Fiber-optic cables capture thunderquake rumbles


Matt Carroll December 11, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Underground fiber-optic cables, like those that connect the world through phone and internet service, hold untapped potential for monitoring... read more