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College of Earth and Mineral Sciences to partner with Montan University Leoben


David KubarekSeptember 11, 2018     UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS) has entered a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Montan University Leoben, in Leoben,... read more

Study: Earth's ecosystems face 'major transformation' from climate change


Matt Carroll September 5, 2018     UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Warming that took place over thousands of years following Earth’s last ice age dramatically changed vegetation on... read more

$490K grant funds unique Greenland glacier study


David KubarekSeptember 10, 2018   UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A more comprehensive way to understand the fracturing of Greenland's Helheim Glacier may now be possible thanks to a $489,000 grant... read more

The Geomicrobiologist Searching for the Origins of Life


 Penn State professor and geomicrobiologist-slash-astrobiologist Jenn Macalady is answering how we and other organisms could survive on other planets, by looking deep into Earth’s history. https://... read more

New geosciences head hopes to foster new ideas, continue department's success


 Liam Jackson May 17, 2018     UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — If Demian Saffer can make one thing happen in his new role as head of Penn State's Department of Geosciences, it's to... read more