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Wider coverage of satellite data better detects magma supply to volcanoes


David Kubarek March 28, 2018   UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Using satellite imaging, Penn State researchers for the first time identified a major magma supply into a reservoir extending almost two... read more

Researchers embark on first-ever slow earthquake drilling mission


 Liam Jackson March 8, 2018       UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — This March and April, an international team of researchers will install monitoring equipment inside an active fault... read more

Terry Engelder front and center in NSF’s new Strategic Plan


Check out our own Terry Engelder front and center in NSF’s new Strategic Plan (page 10) for his pioneering work on fractures to fracking!   read more

Congratulations to Dr. Mike Arthur!


 Congratulations to Dr. Mike Arthur. Dr. Arthur has been selected to receive the 2018 V. M. Goldschmidt Award, the premier award of the Geochemical Society. Mike is recognized for his ground-... read more

Macalady helps to make documentary


 Last summer Dr. Jenn Macalady helped to make a documentary called The Most Unknown, which was supported by Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the... read more