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Argentine fossils take oak and beech family history far into Southern Hemisphere


Francisco Tutella June 06, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — One of the world's most important plant families has a history extending much farther south than any live or fossil specimen previously... read more

Congratulations to Mark Patzkowsky


Please join me in congratulating Mark Patzkowsky as a newly elected fellow of the Geological Society of America. ~Demian Saffer   As described by GSA, "Society Fellowship is an honor bestowed on... read more

Study finds global action needed to ensure acceptable climate futures


Francisco Tutella April 16, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Ensuring a tolerable climate future, one that reduces warming while considering the costs, requires immediate global action, according to... read more

Fossils show recovery from extinction event helped shape evolutionary history


Matthew Carroll March 27, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Ancient sea-floor dwellers are providing new clues about how mass extinctions steer life’s evolutionary history, according to scientists.... read more

Research predicts size, magnitude, timing of lab earthquakes


David Kubarek March 11, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — For the first time, the magnitude, time and duration of earthquakes in a laboratory setting were predicted by a team of researchers from Penn... read more