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Don Voigt’s Blog from WAIS Divide Camp; 79º 28’S, 112º 05’W


Adventures with an LC-130

We had an LC-130 parked in our front yard overnight yesterday. They came 
with fuel (2500 gallons) that we badly needed and arrived just after 
dinner on Monday. We got our fuel and they took 9 passengers and cargo 
but it was a warm day and after four passes they were still not in the 
air. The sideshow ensued with some cargo coming off (including an 8000 
pound cable spool) and some fuel being pumped back on (400 gallons). On 
the fifth pass they were airborne but meanwhile the weather in McMurdo 
closed out with low visibility in blowing snow and high winds. They were 
back for the night 45 minutes later and 14 crew and pax spent the night. 
It was midnight by then and a long day for all hands. Weather in McMurdo 
didn't improve till late Tuesday and our weather was "severe clear" so 
we gave them another 1000 gallons back and they got after it. I assume 
they made it back...and we still need fuel.

Here is a picture of Skier 01, one of the National Science Foundation 
owned LC-130s, with skis off the deck.

Meanwhile, we have finished our third replicate core out of 5. I 
received an three day extension for drilling and we now have two weeks left.


WAIS Divide Camp - LC 130 Aircraft

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