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Penn State Department of Geosciences Teaching Assistant Award

TA Award memo

The Department of Geosciences is committed to a high-quality educational experience for our undergraduate students. In addition, we wish to develop the teaching skills of our graduate students. Toward these ends, the Department is pleased to offer a $1,000 Teaching Assistant Award each semester to recognize superior graduate student teaching assistants (TAs).

Selection Process
Department of Geosciences graduate students who are teaching within our curriculum in a given semester are encouraged to submit their own nomination. The nomination materials should include a teaching statement outlining their philosophy, a recommendation letter from a faculty member who has observed them in the classroom, and an optional TA portfolio. The TA portfolio can take several forms. 

To facilitate interaction and coordination between the TA and her or his faculty recommender, we suggest that the faculty member observe the TA in the classroom at least twice per semester. TA's may also find that gathering feedback from students is beneficial. Examples of student assessment forms can be found below.

TA Mid-semester Evaluation

TA End-semester Evaluation

TA Faculty Evaluation