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Edmond Scott Billingsley

  • EMS Degrees: BS, Geosciences (1981)
  • My Job: Vice President of Geology and GIS, Pennsylvania General Energy Company, LLC
  • Hometown: Meadville, Pennsylvania
  • Fun Fact About Me: Every Halloween, my daughter and I travel across the country to check out paranormal activity.

More About Me

Being a Penn Stater means hearing the words "We Are!" every time I travel across the country or overseas. It's so awesome to find a kindred spirit in unexpected places.

After I walked across the stage and received my diploma at Penn State, I landed a job as a staff geologist for Quaker State Oil Refining Corporation.

The best class I took at Penn State was Theater Arts 100. I don't know that my wife (then-girlfriend) would have ever gotten me to go to a play without it, because the course taught me about the mechanics, the styles, and the people of theater, and even a bit of culture, too. And I have loved the arts ever since.

In the college, I was most impacted by Dr. Barry Voight, who convinced me to get into geology as a major. I was accepted into his team, which worked with the National Energy Authority in Iceland to map a failed rift system.

Penn State prepared me for my career by teaching me to think on my feet and to understand that things aren't black and white. They are much more nuanced. This has helped me as I progressed through the ranks in the oil and gas business.

If you are graduating, don't think that because you are leaving college that you can stop learning. Never stop reading, taking courses, or stepping out of your comfort zone.

One of my fondest Penn State memories is meeting my future wife in 1977 at the Dance Marathon (then in the HUB Ballroom). My roommate wanted to meet her roommate, she slid over to talk to me, and I haven't left her side since.

I watch a few TV shows that I cannot miss: "Sherlock" on PBS, "Homeland" on Showtime, and "Game of Thrones" on HBO.

My free time consists of skiing, hiking, and hot air ballooning (as a passenger), to name just a few hobbies.


Scott Billingsley