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Helina Dingo

  • Hometown: Beaver, Pennsylvania
  • Fun Fact About Me: I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland Spring 2022.

More About Me

The best class I took at Penn State was an independent studies class (GEOSC 296) because it helped me get my feet wet with my first research project and really accelerated my interest in geophysics. It gave me a direction within the geosciences.

One of the easiest ways to become familiar with all that Penn State has to offer is participate in events, jobs, and clubs on campus. There are constantly fliers for events around, job postings online, and club fairs. Even if a specific event doesn't appeal to you, you'll most likely meet people there who are interested in some of the things you are and can guide you to things relevant to you. One of the best things I did when coming into Penn State was getting a job at the library, it opened my eyes to so many programs Penn State does and connected me to so many opportunities.

Three words I would use to describe EMS are collaborative, interactive, and interesting.

The best part about being an EMS student is being able to apply my knowledge and classes to the physical world and have concrete examples/trips/and labs to connect my classes and research to.

The most important lesson I've learned in college so far is you can do so much more than you think you are capable of.

My goal is to work in the public sector in disaster prediction and mitigation to help people all over the world deal with natural disasters.

Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to work outdoors learning about the natural world.

I recommend that all incoming students try to study outside of the institution as well, such as applying for outside internships, studying abroad, or attending national/international professional conferences. It really helps widen your perspective and expose you to different researchers and fields.

Give me a one-way ticket to New Zealand. I mean, volcanos. Seismicity. Lord of the Rings. What else could a girl want? I'm actually thinking of applying to get my masters at a university there.

When I study, I like to form groups with people in my classes and hold study sessions together. Not only does having people there to answer questions and being able to articulate what you learn to others really help you solidify information in your head, but I also feel more motivated to work when other people around me are working. I look around and think "Oh yeah, I should probably be working too." Plus, it's more fun and you make more friends.

I love to play and watch bouldering. I only just got into the sport this summer, but it is so fun!

When my television is on, I am most likely watching Gilmore Girls or Community. What can I say, they're my comfort show. I've watched each about 50 times.

If I could transform into any animal, it would be an owl. They can fly, see in the dark, and are symbols of wisdom and mystery.


Halina Dingo