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P&T Committee Selection Criteria Statement


There shall be a single departmental committee to consider matters of promotion and tenure on the University Park Campus.

Eligibility: To be eligible to serve on the Promotion and Tenure Committee, members must be tenured professors not serving in an academic administrative position.

Size and Composition: This committee shall be composed of five tenured faculty members elected by the entire faculty. At least three must be at the rank of professor.

Election/Appointment Procedures: Three members of the committee shall be elected each year. Each faculty member may vote for two committee members in the election. The Head of the Department of Geosciences shall be excluded from membership on the committee.

Term Lengths and Leadership of the Department Committee: The two eligible faculty members who receive the most votes will serve two-year terms; the third will serve a one-year term. After completion of a two-year term of service, the member may not serve on the departmental promotion and tenure committee for the following two years. The Chair of the committee shall be elected annually by the membership of the committee.

EMS College Committee Representation: The departmental representative to the College Promotion and Tenure Committee serves a three-year term. Therefore, every three years an election for this position shall be held with votes being cast by all tenure-line faculty, with the Department Committee Chairs from two, three, and four years prior as candidates for election to the College P&T Committee. For example, in Spring 2016 the Departmental Committee Chairs from spring 2012, 2013 and 2014 will form the slate of candidates. The candidate with the most votes will be appointed to a three-year term. At the discretion of the Department Head, the serving chair could be reappointed to serve a second term.

Under-performing Committee Members/Replacement Procedures:

Committee Member Requests Replacement

  • If the Faculty Member cannot fulfill their duties due to time restraints, travel schedule, or research needs, they may request removal from their P&T Committee responsibilities
  • Replacement of the member will follow the department's normal appointing procedures (found in the Election procedures captured above)

Under-performing Committee Member

  • If the Faculty Member is not fulfilling their duties, for any reason, the P&T Committee Chairperson, the Dean and/or department head (as appropriate to committee level) may meet with the under-performing committee member to discuss behaviors, causes of behaviors, and ways to meet obligations. However, neither the dean nor the department head should request the member’s resignation or take part in replacing the member
  • If the Faculty Member continues to be unable to meet their obligations to the committee, the under-performing committee member may be replaced by a vote from the department’s P&T Committee members or a vote from the department faculty
  • Replacement of the member will follow the department's normal appointing procedures (found in the Election procedures captured above)

The Department P&T Committee Chair two years prior serves as the EMS P&T Committee Representative (i.e., Professor X was the department committee chair in 12-13 so he serves as the EMS representative in 14-15).